New Shavlik Patch (SCUPdates) Package Available – 1/21/2015

• QFILEZ310002 – FileZilla Client – Low

• QJAVA7u76 – JRE 7u76 – Low
• QJAVA7u76 – JRE 7u76 x64 – Low
• QJAVA7u75 – JRE 7u75 – Critical
• QJAVA7u75 – JRE 7u75 x64 – Critical

Shavlik Patch Plugin-ONLY Catalog
• QJAVA8u31 – JRE 8u31 – Critical
• QJAVA8u31 – JRE 8u31 x64 – Critical

2 thoughts on “New Shavlik Patch (SCUPdates) Package Available – 1/21/2015

    1. Brandy Hooker Post author

      Hello, Chris!

      The “Plugin-ONLY” section are patches that are available to customers using our Shavlik Patch Plugin technology in their SCCM 2012 or later environment(s), along with all other announced patches.

      Unfortunately, our Shavlik Patch Plugin, which is free to download, install and utilize, is not supported in older versions of Configuration Manager. We are unable to support JRE 8u31 in our legacy “SCUP” catalog.

      We welcome you to read more about our plugin here: AND here: !

      You will find release notes documentation for both versions of our plugin and training videos on the downloads page URL I cited above.

      Happy Patching!
      – Shavlik Content Team

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